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Color Assortments for our Titanium Mesh Ribbon

Color Assortments for our Titanium Mesh Ribbon

Have you wanted to make a beautiful piece of jewelry by trying out our Titanium Mesh Ribbon? Our Titanium Mesh Color Assortments are a perfect way to start! You get 5 pieces of our Wire Mesh Ribbon for a discounted price. We have made 15 Mesh Ribbon Color Collections to entice you. It was really fun to pick colors that look great together. The hard part was coming up with names for our Titanium Mesh Assortments. I did my best!

Below is our #1 Most popular Titanium Mesh Color Assortment! It's called Caribbean Blue Green! I often wonder if it's because it's one of my favorites or if people are also just drawn to the combination. 

Click on pictures!

Titanium Mesh Caribbean Blue Green Color Collection

Of course, another really popular Wire Mesh Ribbon Collection is The Basics. Who doesn't want the Mesh Group that is Black, Golds, and Silvers? Its just so useful! It also doesn't hurt that we wear so much black!!

For those of you who would rather choose your own colors of our Mesh Ribbon over my craftily designed Color Groups, you are free to choose any 5 colors of our 22 Brilliant Colors of Tubular  Mesh Ribbon. This box below allows you to do just that. Just remember to write the colors of our beautiful Wire Lace Ribbon in the comment section as you check out!


It's super simple to make a Titanium Mesh Ribbon Necklace! You can see me (Jannell) making a Mesh Ribbon Necklace and teaching you all of the little ins and outs, just click here - http://bit.ly/2eL4De7.

We often forget that Italian Mesh Ribbon is beautiful without a pendant. The first picture above is an example of this with 3 pieces of 12mm Titanium Mesh Ribbon simply twisted together to make an incredible Mesh Ribbon Necklace in a European style.

Below is one strand of Titanium Mesh Ribbon with our Pale Blue Venetian Heart that has been ruffled, a Heart Pendant added, Ribbon Ends secured, and then a Clasp added. It's truly unique and has such an Italian flair!

Try it! You'll be making your own European Jewelry!

This is our Summer Days and Winter Paper Whites Color Assortments!

And here is Autumn Splendor and Patriotic Glory

Which Titanium Mesh Ribbon Color Assortment would you choose?





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