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Our beautiful Lampwork Heart Beads and Venetian Heart Beads

Our beautiful Lampwork Heart Beads and Venetian Heart Beads

It's truly amazing that artists can take long, thin canes of glass, a torch and something much like a skewer to drip the glass on and make some of the most beautiful beads in the world! Of course it's so much more complicated than that! I've been fortunate enough to see Italian beads made in Murano by some of the most talented artists. I could watch all day! Our Venetian Heart Beads are absolutely beautiful! Each Italian Bead is truly it's own amazing work of art! 

We also feature Artisan Lampwork Heart Beads that are the work of an incredible artist in California. These beads have intricate drips and swirls added in addition to the heart which create an intricate story in each bead. Every bead is a marvel! I hope you enjoy our hand made Heart Beads as much as I do. You can also choose to have us make these beads into a Heart Pendant for you so you can can slip them on a chain for a incredible Heart Necklace! 

Italian Beads for beautiful Venetian Jewelry


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