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Designing your own gift for family & friends in these Covid-19 times

Designing your own gift for family & friends in these Covid-19 times

Although this has been a trying time its also been a very inspiring time! I've thought so much about all of you!  The act of creating and wearing jewelry is something that brings happiness, speaks to your heart and makes you feel special and good about yourself! 

It's been extremely heart warming to notice that so many of our orders are gifts! People have gotten creative in how to get a gift to friends, family, and loved ones. Some are for birthdays and special events but some are just to make a special someone smile! It makes me smile to write out a note for a gift that you wrote in the comment section! This Dog Mom and Lotus Bracelet was a birthday gift from a friend to a friend!

So let's start! - Go to  Charms & Pendants > Bella Charms & Pendants. Here you will find 54 beautiful (Bella in Italian) Charms and Pendants. There will also be this Silver Heart Charm Bracelet and a Gold Heart Charm Bracelet. Our Charm Bracelets are beautiful, comfortable and easy to wear. Use your imagination and choose whatever charms appeal to you ( if you're designing for yourself) or whatever charms you believe will speak to your friend, sister, mom.... Order them up and I will put your bracelet together, place it in one of our signature heart boxes and mail it off for you!

 You can also choose one of our Sterling Silver Chains from Italy, pick out your favorite charms and design a necklace that will be perfect for your special someone! 

This beautiful Dragonfly and Heart could likewise be made into a bracelet which would look like this. 

If you'd like a Bead Charm like the ones seen here, write the color you'd like as you check out and I'll make one and add it for FREE! All of our finished jewelry is 20% Off! All of our Bracelets, Charms, Pendants & Chains are also 20% Off!  

 Check out our Charms & Pendants, mix and match them to design Jewelry that speaks to you, your friends and your family! If it's a present be sure to write a note in the comment section that I can send with your gift!

Bella Silver Charms, Pendants & Bracelets

Bella Silver Charms, Pendants & Bracelets

We hope you enjoy our Silver Charms and Pendants using them to embellish a bracelet, be a focal piece for a necklace, create a unique pair of earrings, or add a touch of sentiment in your jewelry.