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Titanium Mesh Ribbon Sale

Titanium Mesh Ribbon Sale
We just got in a big shipment of our Titanium Mesh Ribbon, your favorite colors are all here!
If you've been waiting for a color of our Mesh, now is the time to get it!
Have you tried our Titanium Mesh? There are so many possibilities for Jewelry Making, Quilting, Crafting and Home Decor.
20% Off until Oct 15th
I love this Necklace! It features our Frosted Light Green Titanium Mesh Ribbon with one of our stellar  Aquamarine Venetian Beads made into a Venetian Pendant. 
Below is our 5 meter 12mm Spools of our Titanium Mesh Ribbon! It's double the savings if you buy a 5 Meter Spool or one of our Color Collections which are both already discounted! You get the discounted price and then 20% Off! Don't you just love all the shimmering colors of Mesh! 
Our Titanium Mesh Ribbon is exquisite! Twist and Twirl it to your delight! Our Mesh Ribbon is a Tubular Mesh so you can insert beads into it. I'll make another blog post soon with ideas and pictures of it used as a Tubular Wire Mesh. The colors are truly amazing!! An enamel coating is added to the Wire Mesh to add the colors. This makes our Titanium Mesh Ribbon waterproof and nickle free. It's also soft and flexible, ruffles, twirls, & holds the weight of your pendant! Try it!

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