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Tiered Pricing and Discounts

We know it is important to you as a customer to be able to buy the highest quality of merchandise at a reasonable price. It is therefore our goal to keep our prices low for every customer. We have multiple-level pricing on many of our products which gives discount prices to everyone. You can also mix and match colors within the multiple level pricing. For example, our Titanium Mesh Ribbon is sold as a Necklace, as a One Meter Piece, as a Five Meter Color Assortment and as a Five Meter Spool with price discounts as you buy a Color Assortment or Spool.

If you have a Resale License in California please send us a copy of your license via email. We will then make you tax exempt on your account. If you own a store and are interested in wholesale pricing on our Mesh Ribbons or Jannell's Jewelry please contact us.